June 26th 2023 Macro Cycle Analysis by Crypto Pilot 🧑🏻‍🚀

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Hello All,

8 months after the last macro review, the 350/1050 model nearly nailed the day.

BTC — 350/1050 days cycles: https://www.tradingview.com/chart/BTCUSD/eGiLCoVx-BTC-350-1050-days-cycles

October 24th 2022
June 26th 2023

My mental frame remains the same: Time > Price

Now Zooming in:

Last Cycle Fractal, for time Awareness
  • 1 year to keep building and accumulating.
  • 1 year to make it.

Regardless of levels, I believe at some point over the next year we will have one last optimal entry point. Could be more sideways and less of a dip, so my game plan is to keep stacking regardless. Some entries will be better than others, but you still need eth bullets regardless to catch mini-alt seasons and trends along the way.

If around Q1 2024, we confirm a breakout above 35k or 40k levels, I expect full expansion. I will then be done buying crypto… I will be done building.

There will only be time to max research and be in tune with the market, and brace for all those intense sleepless days we almost wish to be over and catch a break although we waited years for them to arrive again, and when we actually make it.

The red line is my mental finish line. I have to set it years in advance so that when the time comes, I can actually stop. The more momentum one carries the harder it will be. Talking from experience, after a 380x last cycle, there was nothing stopping me. So this time, I developed this antidote.

I don’t share too much macro because they are nothing but wild guesses, but give it or take, history has been rhyming during every cycle, and the fun always tends to start after the halving.

If this can give some ease of my mind to anybody, was worth it. At least it does to me.

My goal is to develop the Starship Infrastructure to the max over this year and leave no twist unturned, so when the time comes and it's time to go Full Conquer Mode, we can squeeze the most out of it.

By the way, right now we all are setting targets we would like to achieve. Make sure you write them, so you don’t forget how you are thinking right now. There is a fair possibility we will go well past them over the next Bull. And guess what you will probably do?

You will set new ones, and keep flying… However, looking back will give you the right frame of mind to proceed way more carefully and manage the risk accordingly during that time.

Use those targets as our anchors while we are flying to keep us more grounded, and now, while we are down, let them be our hopes, to keep our heads high and have something to look forward to.

If anybody pulls half the X’s of 2021 in 2024, I would consider that a great run, unless you fucked up bad last one.

I am excited for all that’s to come…
Can’t wait to bend again the fabric of reality and define what’s possible.

Crypto will continue to be our special glitch.

Make the best of it. Always believe.

Crypto Pilot

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